Loading music into your TRAIL JAMZ is very simple.
Just COPY & PASTE the music files you want from your computer to the MUSIC folder on your Player.

You do NOT have to load the included software!
The MP3 Player is a Smart MP3, you can simply plug it into your USB port & Windows will automatically load a simple driver,
 & then you just Copy & Paste songs into your MUSIC folder on the MP3 Player.

Your player will show up as a (removable) thumb drive, and can even be used as one.

Obtaining the song files can take a bit more effort, yet is easy once you have it set-up.

You have many options to acquire music to load into your TRAIL JAMZ System.


Amazon has a MP3 song download service where you can purchase individual songs or entire albums.
Songs are easy to search and sell for 99 cents or less.

Here is a link to the top 10 legal song download services:

There are many P2P networks to get music from such as www.frostwire.com
Legal use of P2P networks may be questionable, use is your responsibility.


You can purchase & simply insert pre-programmed slotRadio cards in the MicroSD card slot on the side of your player.
The cards hold approximately 1000 songs.
For more info visit www.slotradio.com

(You can also use any microSD card in the SD card slot to expand the memory of your player, up to 64GB additional.)


You can also use Windows Media Player(WMP) to legally RIP(Copy) any songs from your CD collection for you own use.
WMP will save in WMA or MP3 file formats.  
WMA being higher quality, yet MP3s are more popular and smaller files.  Most use MP3 file type.

Find out how to RIP songs from your CD collection here:

If you have your computer connected to the Internet when ripping CDs,
The song titles & album names will be included in the files, otherwise just the track numbers will show up.


Have a large I-tunes library of music you want to use?
You sure can!

Our new players will play I-tunes directly!  : )

Information Links:

Free software to do the conversion for you:

Programs you can purchase to do I-Tunes to MP3 conversion for you:

Very few of these programs are used or tested by me personally, Use is your decision.

Please send me feedback & suggestions on what you like best, & I will post the info for everyone to use.

Also please let me know about any non-functioning links.


Rock  : )