We strive to answer your questions here, however if we haven't, feel free to ask any questions at support@trailjamz.com




What is your Warranty on TRAIL JAMZ products?
We have a Full One Year Warranty on everything we sell.

It is a NO HASSLE warranty!
This means if you should have a problem, send the part back & we will send you a new one.
It is that simple & easy!
We only ask that you cover shipping.  
(US $5, Canada $10, Other Countries $15)
Our Liability is limited to the cost of replacement parts or unit.

What if I screw up & do something that is kinda my fault, like accidentally pulled the wires out of my speakers? Do you even cover that?
Yes we do!
Send them back & we will send you a replacement!
Again, no hassle!

For Warranty Replacements, simply send an email with your problem to support@trailjamz.com
We will send you return instructions, and you get your replacement.  Easy.
How easy is it to install a TRAIL JAMZ system in my helmet?
Very easy!
We have worked hard to make the installation easy & fast.
If you really take your time, it will take less than an hour to install.
Most have it complete & functioning in 20 minutes or so.
Do I have to drill any holes in my helmet to install my TRAIL JAMZ?
Everything is installed by High Quality Peel & Stick Velcro.
You do NOT have to do any modifications to your helmet to install.

Keep in mind that your helmet is a safety device & modifications can possibly effect the safety of your helmet.
ANY modifications to your helmet are YOUR responsibility, including this kit.
We work hard to keep everything as safe as possible, yet you make the final decision & responsibility.
Will the Velcro really keep the unit on my helmet, even the way I ride?
The Velcro is Very High Quality and is tough!
It is actual Velcro Brand Industrial Strength Velcro.
This makes a BIG difference!
We tested many other brands and NONE performed this well!

Has been tested at triple digit speeds many times, performing flawlessly.
Also tested from -30 to 90+ Degrees F.
You want it to hold well, yet break away in the event of a possible crash.
Velcro does this well.

The Velcro is super easy to install, simply clean the mounting area with rubbing alcohol, let dry, then peel & stick the Velcro.
The two wires to my speakers don't seem to have enough length to go to each side?
Simply slide the small black plastic piece down the wire a bit, 
away from the speakers, & gently separate the wires by pulling the wires away from each other.

That will provide you more length to go around your helmet to each side.
What do I do with the extra wire length from the speakers?
Neatly tuck & protect the extra wire into your helmet behind the foam lining.
How easy is the System to transfer from helmet to helmet?
Very easy!
If you purchase a new helmet, all you need is new Velcro.
You can get Industrial Strength Velcro at most local stores, or from us.
(I know there is much cheaper Velcro type material out there, however it doesn't perform nearly as well.)

If you have 2 helmets & you want to switch the system back & forth between them, You simply need an extra pair of speakers & extra Velcro for the second Helmet.
Extra Speakers & Helmet Velcro is listed as an option on the ORDER page, that way it is very easy for you.

What tools do I need to install the System in my helmet?

Just a pair of scissors to cut the velcro for mounting the Volume Control, that's it!

How do you normally use the System?

I load mine with about 400 of my favorite songs.
(Since I trail ride a lot, don't always have FM radio stations available to listen to.)
It is awesome riding & being surprised by one of my favorite songs!

What if I want to talk with my riding partner at a stop?

That's easy, just turn the volume down 
(The volume control is easy to find & use), 
speak with them, and turn it back up when you take off.
Your volume control will be easy to find & will turn down to ZERO when down all the way so you can freely speak to people.

Mine doesn't seem to be as loud?

You need to adjust your Graphic Equalizer up.
In the Main Menu, go to MUSIC
Select MUSIC by pressing the right arrow
Then scroll down to EQ (Equalizer)
Select CUSTOM by pressing the right arrow
Then adjust all the settings to (or near) maximum except for the left two.
(Left & right will take you from frequency band to frequency band, up and down will adjust volume levels.)
Adjust the left two settings to 2 button presses down from max.
Save your settings by pressing the CENTER button.
Then press the HOME button. (The one with a house on it.)

Speaker placement is also very important to proper volume, definition, and enjoyment of your music.
Follow the detailed instructions provided with your speakers & below for great performance!

How do I adjust the speakers for best performance?

The speakers are installed with Peel & Stick Velcro.
Put your helmet on & note roughly where your ears sit in the helmet.
This is where you want to install your speakers.

Once you have the speakers installed, put your helmet on & listen closely, 
as you move the helmet up/down, and front to rear.
You will notice an area they work best in.  (The "sweet spot")
Peel the Velcro apart & move the speakers to that area.
Keep testing & fine tuning until you are happy with the results.

Will the speakers fit MY helmet?

The speakers will fit most any helmet.
They are very Thin & Light, however they do require SOME room.
Most helmets have a small pocket by the ears that the speakers fit nicely into.
Not all do however.
For the ones that don't have enough room, most guys usually peel back the liner a bit, trim just a bit of the foam behind the liner, to make room for the speakers, re-install the liner, & then install the speakers.
(If you want little to nothing between the speakers & your ears.)

How much power is this, really?

Good question.
The output of the player is 50mW.
That alone doesn't sound like much, however driving an enclosed speaker, right next to your ear, it is quite a bit!

What about the Power Amplifier?

With the Optional Power Amp, the output is 150mW, quite a bit more!
However, that doesn't mean it will be 3 times as loud, it sounds about twice as loud, while greatly increasing the solid Bass & overall "tightness" of the Audio Quality.


How will this work on my Street Bike?
We have many riders using them on street bikes & they love them!
The Helmet Speakers work great on the street and trail.
Helmet Audio is great to have!
Is In Helmet Audio legal on the street in my state?
Trail Jamz is legal in every state that we know of.
In most states, there are laws that make using headphones illegal to use while riding on the roads.
However, the Trail Jamz System does Not use headphones, they are separate speakers you install in your helmet.
You can still hear what is going on around you.