TRAIL JAMZ is the In Helmet Stereo System that is fully contained in your helmet.
No wires to connect or disconnect when you put on or take off your helmet.

The MP3 & Amplifiers have self-contained re-chargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, you charge them & go play!
If you forget to charge them, it is NO big deal!
You can charge them as you ride, charges right off your ride! Easy.
Also gives you indefinite riding time with tunes!

Your TRAIL JAMZ kit comes complete with the following:

MP3 Player with 8G built-in memory expandable to 64G with micro-SD card.
Will easily hold 2000+ songs in built in memory.
Will play most audio formats. Including I-tunes, Mp3, WAV, WMA, etc...
Built in FM radio.
Built in Equalizer
Random, Repeat, Sound recorder.
Countless other Modes, features & benefits.
OLED 1" screen shows songs playing, mode, etc.
Smart MP3 player requires NO software on your, or any computer, just plug in, drag & drop files!
Again, super easy!

Easy external volume control you can operate
 with GLOVES on!
Makes it super easy to pull up next to your riding buddy, talk easily to them & take off again.
Very easily, no hunting for the volume.

Custom Smart Power Supply.
Will properly charge MP3 player, optional external amplifier & Go-Pro Cameras
 from ANY AC or DC source from 6v to 30v.
(Works with any 2 or 4 stroke sleds, bikes, & quads, etc)
Power supply stays with MP3 player in case.
Super small & light.

Small, Thin, Light, In Helmet Speakers.
They sound great, are small & light to fit most any helmet.
You can still hear your engine also, using the In-Helmet speakers.

Custom Neoprene zip-up case protects your equipment from the elements. 

All required USB cables for loading songs, re-charging, etc.

All required Industrial Velcro for mounting case to helmet, speakers to helmet, & volume control to helmet.

Optional accessories:

Mini Amplifier with Bass Boost.
Greatly increases volume for those of us that like their music loud or have loud pipes.
(You do not need the optional amplifier to hear your music over a stock machine.)
The Power Amp increases the audio quality also due to having more "headroom".

All Speakers are now Upgraded BOOMERS Speakers!
These speakers are also thin & light, yet have extended Bass.
If you like seriously solid Bass, you will love BOOMERS Speakers!! 
Adding the optional Amplifier can add even more to your Bass!

Dual USB small, light 120V travel wall charger. 
You can charge your TRAIL JAMZ in your hotel room,
or at home.

Dual USB 12V cigarette lighter charger for charging in your vehicle.

Some Background:
Anyone that knows me, knows I really don't like hassles, I simply want things to work.
Tried many different set-ups for music over the years.
Earbuds work, but are a serious pain.
They hurt when you ride, finding the volume control was a pain.
Messing with the cords was a pain, everytime you put your helmet on, or take it off.
All the hassle took the fun out of having tunes.
Couldn't talk to riding partners at stop signs.
(Because couldn't find the volume control fast enough.)
Couldn't hear my engine.

Stupid MP3 would die when I forgot to charge it,
or I would have to carry tons of batteries to replace.
The cold made the batteries fail FAST.
Had to keep it inside my jacket to keep it warm,
then it would irritate me where it bounced as I rode.
Messing with the wires was a serious hassle,
would get all zipped up & realize I forgot to install something,
off it would all come, & I would stand there messing with it as the guys waited...
And if I caught it in a zipper, took forever to get out...

Ultimately I wanted a hassle free way to enjoy my music as I ride.
Something that would NOT hold me up when the guys were ready & I wanted to take off.
Doesn't require remembering anything!
Requiring NO messing with ANYTHING!
Easy... I like Easy!

Just put your helmet on & GO!
Just take your helmet off.
It's that simple.

NO wires to mess with!

You will REALLY like this! Rock On