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How do I reset my Sansa Helmet Audio MP3?

There are multiple ways to reset your MP3 Player.
If you are having an issue, try them in the following order:

1) With Unit OFF, Press the power button and hold for 20 seconds.  (Unit should cycle on & off)  (This will keep all your songs & Settings)
2) With Unit ON, Press & HOLD the +Vol Button, While holding +Vol, press power ON & HOLD for 20 seconds.  (This will keep all your songs & Settings)
      Player will turn off after ~15 seconds.
      Turn Player On & it will say "Refreshing Media"
3) Reset #3 is a hardware reset, it WILL erase all songs & settings you have on your MP3 player, 
               make sure you have backed up all your songs onto a computer or SD card.
      Press the Home Button to get to Menu.
      Select SETTINGS
      Scroll down to SYSTEM SETTINGS, select by pressing right
      It will ask: "Are you sure...?", Select YES
      The Player will then ask for your language.
      You will need to reset your Custom EQ & other settings.
      Re-load your Music

My computer doesn't recognize my Sansa Clip+ when I plug in the USB?
         There are 2 possible common solutions for this.      
1) ReSet USB Mode via Menu
       Goto Menu by pressing Home Button
       Scroll down to SETTINGS, press Right button.
       Scroll down to SYSTEM SETTINGS, press Right Button.
       Scroll down to USB Mode, press Right button.
       Scroll to the next setting down and press the Right button to select it.
       Turn unit off & back on & try connecting via USB. 
       If it does not work, try the next setting down.

2) Forcing Plug in recognition.
       Unplug USB cable.
       Lock the player by pressing and Holding the Home button.
       Press the Center button and while holding it, plug in the USB.

You can use most of the tools in Windows on your Player also.
      CHKDSK & DEFRAG will work on your MP3 player.


Attention Current TRAIL JAMZ Owners:

We found a few of the Custom Power Supplies that would not work with the MP3 Player AND the Optional Amplifier at the same time.
It is possible that a few of you that purchased at Haydays and/or Nelsons Snowshow may have one of these power supplies.

To find out if you have one of these, there is an easy test.
Simply connect the units (Player & Amp) together and have them playing, then plug the power supply into BOTH units at the same time.
If your sounds stops, simply return the power supply for a free replacement.  (We will take care of shipping back to you also.)

If you do NOT have the optional Power Amp, this is not a possible issue, only if you have the Power Amp also.
(Not all of them do it, just some.)

From our testing, I believe there are just a few like this and want to get them replaced for you right away.
It is all part of taking great care of our customers!   : )

To return a power supply for a free replacement, email me.
Will get you taken care of right away!.

Rock   : )

PS  We are very serious about excellent customer service & support, we want to treat people the same as we would want to be treated ourselves.
It's all part of doing the right thing.   : )